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People In Other States Say Colorado Pot Is Better, Stronger

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (CBS4) – Colorado is one of 20 states where medical marijuana is legal and one of two states where recreational pot is legal for adults. Texas is not one of those states, but some people who live there claim they are getting high thanks to family and friends shipping the drug to them.

One woman living in San Antonio, who didn't want her identity revealed, told CBS station KEYE-TV she smokes pot every day.

"I have friends and other acquaintances who know people there," said the woman.

Her hookup isn't the dealer down the street but lives in Colorado and sends it to her.

Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, pot smokers in other states claim they can get better quality marijuana since there is more competition.

"All they have to do is make a phone call, tell them what they want," said the woman.

She said the marijuana coming from Colorado is stronger.

"I was always smoking good stuff but now like with the oils, it's better."

The woman said people buy pot legally in Colorado and disguise it in their packaging.

"A cereal box, a teddy bear ... (they) disguise it somehow."

Two different sheriffs in Nebraska said marijuana crossing the state lines out of Colorado is a big issue.

"Marijuana is coming in from Colorado a lot more than what people want to admit," said Sheriff John Jenson of Cheyenne County.

"You are out here and stop someone for speeding and walk up to the vehicle and most of the time you can just smell it right off the bat," said Deuel County Sheriff Adam Hayward.

It is a federal offense to mail marijuana and it's punishable by prison time and hefty fines.

Earlier this week, CBS News reported that labs in Colorado that do testing on marijuana have found mold, mildew, E. coli and Salmonella.

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