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Denver mother needs help finding the person who killed her son in Aurora

Aurora police ask for help in solving double homicide
Aurora police ask for help in solving double homicide 02:39

A Denver mother is pleading with the community to help find her son's killer.

"Please if you have any information in reference to this case please reach out to the Aurora Police Department," said Femina Hawkins.

She says her son Omar Williams was the path to greatness. He was going to college to become a computer scientist, and was just one year from graduation. Now all their hopes and dreams are gone.

Omar Williams CBS

"I feel robbed of a lifetime of success that he had been aiming for," said Femina.

On Saturday, Aug. 19, Omar and his friend Kejuan Mays were killed after a night out in downtown Denver then dumped in an alley in Aurora between Fulton and Galena Streets, just north of East 22nd Avenue.

Kejuan Mays CBS

Police say they were seen on video leaving downtown Denver peacefully around 2 a.m., then their bodies dumped five hours later at 7 a.m. in the alley. Police don't know what the men did during that time or who they were with because their phones were turned off, but they want to find out.

"That's really the key to this investigation at this point," said Aurora Police Sgt. Jeffrey Longnecker.

Their only piece of evidence is video of the young men being dumped in the alley by someone driving Omar's vehicle, a 2016 Dodge Journey with Colorado license plate BSC-099.


Detectives have been searching for that vehicle but have exhausted all leads.

"It's been entered into all law enforcement databases it's considered a stolen vehicle at this point but just really amazingly the vehicle has not turned up," said Longnecker.


Femina and her husband Antonio say their lives will never be the same and they want to find out who did this to their son

"He's dearly missed and will never be forgotten so we are begging and pleading for anybody's help," said Antonio Hawkins.

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