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Distinct 'Meow Wolf' Building Squeezed Into Triangular Footprint Between I-25 Overpasses In Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - Though still a year out from its planned opening, the remarkably placed Meow Wolf structure in Denver now wears an outer shell that towers over drivers on Colfax Avenue's raised overpasses.

It's hard to miss.

Meow Wolf Denver 5 (copter)
(credit: Copter4)

"The triangular layout of the viaducts gave us a lot of direction in the beginning," the Meow Wolf team told CBS4 on Monday. "We needed the building to take up as much of that footprint as possible."

Meow Wolf designers considered many forms to best utilize the plot of land but ultimately landed on one of this land-locked state's more atypical visions -- the front of a large ship.

Meow Wolf Denver 1 (from Meow Wolf Denver on FB)
(credit: Caity Kennedy)

"We did keep coming back to inspiration from ship prows as it gave an elegant movement upward as well as played with the overpasses and pillars crisscrossing all around," the group explained.

Meow Wolf Denver 2 (from Meow Wolf Denver on FB)
(credit: Caity Kennedy)

The inside of the facility will likely be just as unique.

Meow Wolf Denver 4 (from
(credit: Caity Kennedy)

Meow Wolf is a series of venues specializing in immersive art and entertainment displays. The first one sprouted in the collective's home base of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Enthusiasm for the experience quickly spread (as did investment dollars) and has led to expansion in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C. as well as Denver.

CBS Sunday Morning profiled the Meow Wolf exhibition in Santa Fe in late 2019, showing participants walking through refrigerators and fireplaces.

The venue will employ artists of almost all possible media, from architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, video production, cross-reality (AR/VR/MR), music, audio engineering, narrative writing, costuming, and performance.

Meow Wolf Denver 3 (from Meow Wolf Denver on FB)
(credit: Caity Kennedy)

Meow Wolf started with a smaller footprint in Denver, opening the Kaleidoscape ride at Elitch Gardens in 2019.

The list of artists for Meow Wolf Denver has not been decided yet. The exhibition is on track to open late 2021.

UPDATE: Soon-To-Be Open Meow Wolf Denver Gives Sneak Peek At The 4 Floors Of Magic Their Artists Are Working On/

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