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Lakewood Police Surprise Girl With Early Christmas For Her Honesty

By Dillon Thomas

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - An eight-year-old student in Lakewood was given every Christmas gift she wanted, last week, by the Lakewood Police Department. Ivanna Rios, a third grader at Lasley Elementary, was rewarded for helping police officers during a recent investigation at her school. Several classmates allegedly told a lie to school administrators, saying a man seen outside abducted a young girl. Rios decided to tell school administrators, and police, what she witnessed, which differed from that which her classmates shared.

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(credit: Rios family)

"(My classmates) said they saw a little girl (get abducted). But, my story was I didn't see a little girl. I did see the whole thing," Rios told CBS4's Dillon Thomas.

Thanks to Rios' honesty, police were able to quickly determine the reports were false.

"The detective called me, and told me they were really happy with what Ivanna did," said Jessica Lopez, Ivanna's mother. "So, they wanted to make Ivanna's Christmas extra special."

Lopez asked her daughter what she wanted for Christmas, and delivered the list secretly to the police department. She didn't expect the department to buy anything.

(credit: Rios family)

On December 21, Sgt. Michelle Current arrived at the family home.

"I thought they were here to talk to me (about their investigation)," Rios said.

Instead, Rios was taken to the back of the officer's police car. When she opened the door, there was a brand new pink bike, just like she asked for on her wish list.

The officers then took her to the back of the car, where they gave her several other gifts. They purchased her every items she wanted on her list, including a Nike hoodie, brand new shoes, and a season pass to the Denver Zoo.

"I am very proud of her, for always being honest all the time," Lopez said. "(If) you do good, good things will come to you."

Rios was especially surprised when police told her, with parental permission granted, they were getting her the puppy she wanted.

Rios' brother was also surprised with a couple gifts of his own, including a soccer ball.

Rios hoped her story would encourage other kids to always be honest, and share the truth with others.

"The lesson of that situation is to never lie, and always say the truth," Rios said.

Dillon Thomas is a reporter at CBS4 and a Colorado native. He believes everyone has a story, and would love to share yours! You can find more of his stories by following him on Twitter, @DillonMThomas.

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