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Group Charged In Large Fight At 15th And Market

DENVER (CBS4)- A group of men accused of getting into a large fight and assaulting two people have been charged.

The men, Christopher Hobbs, Willard Keeland, Shawn Williams and Jerrol Jones have been charged in connection with the July 13 altercation at 15th and Market in Denver.

Hobbs, 29, Keeland, 24, and Williams, 28, have been charged with multiple counts of first-degree assault and crime of violence.

Shawn Williams (credit: Denver DA)

Jones, 23, has been charged with obstructing a peace officer and intimidation of a witness in addition to the previous charges.

Willard Keeland (credit: Denver DA)

The charges allege that about 2 a.m. on Saturday a large fight broke out in the intersection of 15th and Market Streets. During the altercation two men were injured and a third person was later the victim of an intimidation incident.

Christopher Hobbs (credit: Denver DA)

All four defendants are scheduled to appear in Denver County Court next week to be formally advised of the charges.

Jerrol Jones (credit: Denver DA)

Williams remains in custody. The other defendants have been released on bond.

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