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Girls & STEM Celebrated At Colorado Capitol

DENVER (CBS4) - Lawmakers in Colorado's House of Representatives took a moment Friday morning to honor approximately 100 middle and high school girls who participate in science, technology, engineering and math -- or STEM -- programs.

Colorado lawmakers recognized girls participating in STEM programming. (credit CBS)

"These are our future leaders. Thank you for joining us today," said Rep. Crisanta Duran, Speaker of the House.

Colorado House Speaker Crisanta Duran recognizes the STEM students from the House floor. (credit CBS)

The girls sat in the gallery while the House business got underway, then they got a special tour of the Capitol building.

STEM students in the gallery at the Colorado Capitol. (credit CBS)

Lt. Governor Donna Lynne addressed the teens, encouraging them to continue their studies in the sciences. The event was put on by Galvanize, which offers computer education, and CareerWise Colorado, which works with students on apprenticeship placements.

LINK: Galvanize

"We're really interested at Galvanize in getting more girls and younger girls into coding and STEM fields in general," said Stephanie Donner, with Galvanize.

LINK: CareerWise Colorado

Galvanize teachers led the girls in an exercise to show them how a simple computer sorting algorithm works.

Galvanize teachers lead a demonstration of a simple sorting algorithm. (credit CBS)

"It's just demonstrating that all coding really is ... is analytical thinking," Donner added. "And so it's a great way to break the barrier for people that may otherwise not think that they're inclined toward mathematics or coding because it's not really required."

"I love programming and coding," said Simone Blair, a senior at High Tech Early College.

Simone Blair and her classmate participate in the STEM event. (credit CBS)

Blair came to the event with three of her other classmates and one of her teachers. She feels it's important to raise awareness around computer science.

"I just like computers. I feel like they're really interesting. They're kind of really complex, but they're just so simple and they're really understandable," Blair explained.

CBS4 hosts Girls & Science at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Various clubhouses at the event feature women scientists and activities surrounding their fields of expertise. Girls & Science takes place Saturday, March 4th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

LINK: Girls & Science

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