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Folsom Field makes changes to student section amid concerns of fraud

Folsom Field makes changes to student section amid concerns of fraud
Folsom Field makes changes to student section amid concerns of fraud 02:28

Saturday's game will kick off at 10 a.m. as the Colorado Buffs look to take on No. 8 USC Trojans.

The stadium is expected to be packed on Saturday since the game is sold out, but things will look different for students attending the game.

But with a huge spotlight comes huge responsibility which is why new changes are being implemented  at the stadium's student section.

Students will only be allowed to enter the stadium through the Southeast entrance of the field and tickets will be scanned using NFC technology.

Steve Hurlbert, chief campus spokesperson at the University of Colorado told CBS News Colorado that the university wants to avoid fraud ticketing issues and create a safer environment for students.

"Bringing in an icon like Coach Prime has kind of really put CU on the center of the sports universe," said Hurlbert.

It's no secret the CU Buffs are the team to watch right now.

The last four games were all among the nation's top seven most-watched games this season. It is no different at the stadium as every home game is sold out already.

"It's been exciting, it's been thrilling, it's been just a great experience for every Buff," said Hurlbert.

This hype has also brought a lot of fans out of the woodwork, which has led officials to make some changes.

"We've sold out every single game on our whole schedule for the first time in school history and really seeing that and getting input from fans and students was an opportunity to reevaluate some of our processes," said Hurlbert.

Which is why Hurlbert says these new changes are important and have been implemented due to ongoing behavioral and ticketing fraud issues.

"As you see the demand increase, inevitably you're going to see people taking advantage of that," said Hurlbert.

The university has not kept track of just how many issues they've had regarding fraud and tickets, but they do say they are sure it has been happening and want to avoid further problems.

Before these new changes, students were allowed to enter the stadium through any entrance, now they must form a line and enter only through the Southeast section.

"Students attempting to enter a gate other than the student entrance will be denied admission and sent to the back of the student entrance line. Students are encouraged to enter the stadium early and to accommodate this, the student gate will be open 30 minutes prior to all other gates," said Hurlbert.

The school will now use NFC technology to scan tickets, which is a form of contactless ticketing, sort of like using Apple Pay. With an NFC scan, fans will not gain entry using photographs or screenshots of passes. They will no longer use QR codes.

Students will also have to wear a wristband while in the student section at all times. The university has also added security to be vigilant of the student section and will be removing students who act inappropriately or do not have an assigned ticket for the section.

About 11,000 students fill the student section on home game days.

"We just want to make the games safe and enjoyable for everybody," said Hurlbert.

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