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March Snowstorm Arrives, Colorado Foothills Residents Enjoy It With Birthday Party & Ice Fishing

EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) - Heavy, wet snow blanketed the Colorado foothills Saturday afternoon, but that didn't keep people from enjoying themselves outdoors and in. CBS4's Rick Sallinger caught up with a family at the King Soopers in Bergen Park. They were grabbing some goods for a Star Wars-themed birthday party.

Evergreen Snow
(credit CBS)

"Last minute shopping, some balloons and appetizers, and yeah, just trying to make it a good birthday," said Meghan Edwards, an Evergreen mom.

"Are people going to be able to show up?" asked Sallinger.

"We have one other family coming over. They live close by, so I think they can make it for the storm," Edwards replied.

"How old are you, Tucker?" Tuckers sister asked him for the CBS4 camera.

"5," he answered.

At Evergreen Lake, some folks braved the weather to try their luck at ice fishing.

"We basically went ice fishing for our first time and no fish bit ... well, only once," said the young girl.

"What do you think about this snow? Is that putting a damper on your day?" Sallinger asked.

"No," she said.

Evergreen Snow
(credit CBS)

"No. They got bored, so we're going to go home and drink some hot chocolate and eat some chili," her father said with a laugh.


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