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'Heap Of Trouble': Driver Caught Going 128 mph On Interstate 25 In Thornton

THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) - With all of Colorado under stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, there may be more temptation to speed on the open roads. But police are warning that it could land you in a "heap of trouble." The Thornton Police Department busted a driver going 128 mph on Interstate 25. That's 73 mph over the speed limit.

"Let us just say, he is in a heap of trouble. Please slow down!" the police department tweeted. They also warned that the "fines are massive."

On Sunday, the state patrol tweeted their own warning to speeders.

"If you do this you are endangering yourself and everyone else on the road! If you don't think we are enforcing this you are mistaken!" the CSP tweeted.

In the past week, the Lakewood Police Department has shared several photos of the speeds they've clocked with radar guns.

"We are #StillHere, we're actively enforcing laws and we 'can do this all day,'" the police department tweeted - quoting Captain America.

On Wednesday afternoon, they tagged two motorcycles going 168 mph and 128 mph.

"This is reckless, dangerous and unacceptable," officials tweeted with the hashtag #Coviditioc.

Also on Wednesday, police in Colorado Springs clocked a driver going 105 mph.

"Although there is less traffic, drivers still need to follow the rules of the road. Going 100+ MPH on the highway puts lives at risk," the police department tweeted.

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