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Dr. Dave Hnida Answers Questions About The Mutated Coronavirus In Great Britain

(CBS4) - Great Britain is reporting the coronavirus has mutated and is that it is more contagious. That has prompted quarantines and dozens of countries have now banned British travelers.

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CBSN Denver asked CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida about the mutation Monday morning. He explained that is not unusual for a virus to mutate.

"This virus has already mutated dozens and dozens of times. It's not necessarily alarming," he explained. "It does deserve that we keep a close eye on what sort of mutations are taking place."

That mutation is not deadlier but Dr. Dave did address the reports that it was more contagious.

"That has not rally been proven. It has not been proven in a lab setting that this particular strain is more contagious. In fact, many scientists do believe that it is really more behavior driven, in terms of what is going on. People are just not practicing the precautions that have been advocated so that may be the reason why it seems more contagious."

He also said the odds are the mutated strain is already in the United States but offered reassurance the vaccines should will cover the mutation.

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