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VIDEO: Driver Hits Woman, Drives Over Another In Downtown Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Police are searching for the driver of an SUV after video showed the vehicle running over a woman's head on Dec. 22. The driver was fleeing the scene of an altercation, where witnesses say he threw a beer bottle at the head of another woman, causing her to bleed.

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Clarissa Nguyen (credit: CBS)

Clarissa Nguyen told CBS4's Dillon Thomas the driver of the silver SUV was catcalling her outside of Larimer Beer Hall off of Larimer and 20th in downtown Denver. She said she ignored his advances, and suddenly was hit in the head with a glass bottle.

"I yelled 'Ow! Oh my gosh. Somebody hit me.' Then I touched my head, and I just felt blood. My hand was covered in blood. My shirt was covered," Nguyen said.

(credit: Clarissa Nguyen )

After learning she was hit by a bottle, her female friends approached the driver and attempted to open his vehicle's door. Nguyen said her friends were attempting to keep him on scene after hearing a passenger encourage the driver to flee.

Video obtained by CBS4 shows the women prying at the driver as he strikes them with his hands. A passenger is seen trying to separate the fight before returning to the car.

As the car began to drive away, with three women halfway inside, witnesses were calling police to report the incident. Video shows the driver nearly pulling into an intersection, but had a red light signal. Once the light changes the male driver started to pull away with the women hanging out of his door.

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(credit: CBS)

"They were trying to get him out. And the whole time he was punching them and screaming," Nguyen said. "As they drive away, my friend Blanca tumbles off."

As the video shows, one woman falls off the vehicle shortly after it pulls away. Two others are seen clinging on for nearly one block. However, as the vehicle swerved across three lanes of traffic, two women are seen falling out of the vehicle. One, identified as Larissa Montoya, is seen being run over by the vehicle.

"They pushed my friend Larissa out and they ran her over," Nguyen said.

The video shows the vehicle bouncing as it runs over her upper torso and head. The car continues on, leaving Montoya laying in the street with six broken bones. Her injuries include broken bones in her face and torso, as well as severe road rash.

(credit: Clarissa Nguyen )

"(Watching the video) gives me goose bumps and it gives me panic attacks," Nguyen said. "It bothers me that he is still at large right now."

The video clearly captures the suspect's silver Dodge Durango vehicle information, including the license plate which appears to read 728-QOZ. Nguyen said she was disappointed Denver Police had not made an arrest in the case after more than a week, given the vehicle, and some of the suspects inside the SUV, are captured on camera.

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(credit: CBS)

Nguyen was told an arrest warrant was issued for the owner of the vehicle. She said some people online were blaming her for the injuries of the others, citing what she was wearing might have drawn in the suspects. She says she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Nguyen said she is grateful for her friends.

"(My friends) could've just as easily got his license plate. But, the fact that they put themselves on the line for me, it puts a burden on my heart."

The suspects were described as Hispanic males.

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