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Debate At Capitol Surrounds Marijuana Home Delivery Bill

DENVER (CBS4) - There is a lot of debate going on at Colorado's capitol over whether marijuana businesses should be allowed to do deliveries of pot to people's homes.

Under a proposed bill, dispensaries could deliver marijuana to one's front door with proof of identification. Delivery exemptions include areas near schools, playgrounds, day care centers, public spaces, dorm rooms, and hotels, among others.

Cannabis flower on display at Lightshade, a marijuana dispensary on 6th Ave in Denver. (credit: Vince Chandler/The Denver Post)

The bill has both Democratic and Republican support.

"Senate Bill 192 is a bill that's focused on several things, first of all the delivery of medical marijuana to homes in those vicinities or those cities and counties that agree to opt in. If they don't want to opt in or participate, they don't have to allow delivery," Republican State Sen. Tim Neville said. "The other focus on Senate Bill 192 is to try to eliminate the black market of delivery that's happening in areas like with Craigslist where black market marijuana and other drugs are currently being delivered into many, many communities right now."

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Weed delivery services are currently illegal in the state of Colorado, although CBS4 cameras have caught apparent deliveries in the act.

The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police opposes the measure strongly.

"I think it opens the door to straw purchases where, you know, the one 21-year-old kid buys it for all his buddies, or you leave it open to being funneled right back into the black market because you can potentially order very large quantities of marijuana to be delivered at your door -- and this could happen daily -- and you could cycle it right back into the black market," Denver police Cmdr. James Henning said.

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