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Fells: Orton Took Benching With Class

DENVER (CBS4) - The Denver Broncos have a bye week next week giving them plenty of time to prepare for the Miami Dolphins. Though they will take a few days off to rest, it will be back to business soon enough to get practice in for their new starting quarterback in Tim Tebow.

Broncos tight end Daniel Fells on CBS4's Xfinity Monday Live! said he's a close friend of Tebow's, but said he was still surprised when coach John Fox made the switch to Tebow after halftime against the Chargers.

"I was a little surprise because you never want it to be just one person's fault, and it's never that one guy's fault. There are 11 guys on the field at every single time," Fells said. "It's just one of those things. I was just shocked to see it and being a true professional like everyone is, we went out there and we performed."

Fells said Kyle Orton handled the benching with class.

"Kyle is a true professional. I've got a lot of respect for that individual," Fells said.

Fells also said it's a myth that going with Tebow as the starting quarterback will affect the locker room dynamic.

"We're very confident in with whoever the coaches decide to put in there and we're going to be the supporting cast."

Will Fox decide to run an offense that is more geared for Tebow's abilities?

"It all depends on what the coaches want to put in there. That's the Tim Tebow factor; he gives that element to the game. I'm probably going to predict that we will see a little bit more of that."

But Fells said his personal responsibilities probably won't change much with Tebow in the game.

"I may be in the middle of a route and have to adjust and start blocking because he does have that ability to scramble around and create plays."

After the bye week the Broncos will travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins. Kickoff is at 11 a.m. on CBS4.

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