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A Text Message By A State Senator Leads To 'Serendipitous' Connection For PPE

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- A state senator from Jefferson County calls it serendipity. Two days after a nursing facility asked her for help finding personal protective equipment, an Islamic school asked her if she knew who could use PPE.

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A total of 47 staff and residents at Villa Manor Care Center in Lakewood have tested positive for COVID-19. They were running out of masks this week when they got a text message from the office of Sen. Brittany Pettersen.

"We sent 32,000 text messages just check in with residents across Senate District 22 in Jefferson County, just to see how they are, to see if they needed anything," said Pettersen.

About the same time, Padideh Aghanouly was sending messages to community leaders, including Pettersen, offering help. M.T.O Shahmaghsoudi, an Islamic school in Denver, had masks, face shields, gowns and food.

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"We were just making all this stuff and we're like, 'Where do we take it?'" said Aghanouly.

Pettersen connected the nursing facility with the Islamic school and facilitated a big delivery of boxes and bags filled with masks, gowns and food.

"It's an example what we can do when work together, what's possible. It's a very positive story and we all need that right now," said Pettersen.

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(credit: CBS)

Villa Manor got personal protective gear. M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi got something, too.

"And you're thankful that you did it, too, because you know that you are helping them stay safe," said Aghanouly. "The idea of community is so important, we are a global community and we are as strong as our weakest link so we need to help everyone can possibly reach."

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