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Denver's 'Home by 10 P.M.' Order Another Hurdle For Businesses Struggling To Keep Up With Ever-Changing Rules

DENVER (CBS4)- Business owners say Denver's new Home at 10 p.m. order, while better than a full shutdown, is still a blow to their operations. The restaurant and music venue Roxy on Broadway went from celebrating a successful first year to surviving the next.

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"It's been rough," Yves Rhone, a host at the establishment said.

He's been there since the opening last July and while he loves his job, he says it's become increasingly hard to hold on to.

"I'm not making nearly what I used to… me just making my rent is a struggle, picking up odd jobs during the day isn't what I ever thought I had to do," he said.

Despite having to navigate ever-changing restrictions and threat of temporary shutdowns, owner Paula Vrakas says keeping her doors open has been a priority.

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"There's just been this kind of yo-yo-ing back and forth and open and closed; you have to do this and you have to do that," she said. "One day you're working, one day you're not; do I apply for unemployment? Do I not? Is my job safe? Are we going to shutdown? No one wants to be in this position but we have to be because we have obligations."

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Even with a last call moved to 10 o'clock she's been able to find some stability, but just news of the new Home at 10 order has shaken that foundation.

"Tonight our reservations were full for what we can have -- 25%, but half of them have canceled," she said.

Vrakas understand the public health concerns but says the solutions city officials are turning to hurt those following the rules.

"It's not us that's the problem it's the small gatherings that are not listening to the requirements of social distance so why should bars restaurants venues so and other small business retailer she punished for that," she said.

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Should restrictions tighten any further, Roxy on Broadway will have nothing left to try.

"It's worrisome that if they shut down, what are we all going to do?" Rhone said.

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