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How To Make Your Skills, Background Stand Out During Job Search In Midst Of Coronavirus Pandemic

DENVER (CBS4)- Tens of thousands of Coloradans have hit the job market or will soon be looking for employment during the coronavirus pandemic. To find that job, your first stop might be a job board, but that might not be a fruitful as you think.

Job Seekers Attend Denver Job Fair
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"If you are simply blindly sending out resumes on job boards, it's going to be very frustrating very quickly," said Andrew Hudson during a March 30 seminar over Zoom.

For more than 20 years, Hudson has been helping connect job seekers with jobs through his website Andrew Hudson's Job List.

"There's a lot of false hope in job boards, I know that sounds strange coming from a guy who runs a job board," he said.

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(credit: Andrew Hudson)

Through experience, he's learned what it takes to snag a job and he's been providing seminars to help job seekers.

"It's very important, just in terms of the time, the energy, the blood, sweat and tears that you are putting into these resumes and to these cover letters, to make sure that there is a connection between your skills, your background, your experience, all of that, and the job that they're posting for you to apply to," he advised.


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