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CSU Celebrates Topping Out Of Spur Building At National Western Complex

DENVER (CBS4) - Construction crews added the final steel beam on Friday to the first Colorado State University Spur building in Denver. The topping out marked a major milestone for the campus located at the National Western Complex.

The 114,000 square foot Vida building is set to open in January 2022. It is one of three buildings at the CSU Spur campus.

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The Denver Dumb Friends League's Solutions Veterinary Hospital plans to operate out of the Vida building. The donor-subsidized clinic will allow the public to watch surgeries through a window as a learning opportunity.

"Pets provide critical mental, emotional and physical support to their people. We are thrilled to be there when these very pets experience illness and injuries that their family cannot afford to treat," said Dr. Apryl Steele, president and CEO, Dumb Friends League. "By performing surgeries and exams in view of the public, we hope to inspire interest in veterinary medicine and other STEM careers for hundreds of thousands of people."

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(credit: CBS)

CSU said the Spur campus aims to provide hands-on education for the public along with a meeting place for students, researchers, and professionals.

"We are so excited about the new Vida building in Denver," said Dr. Mark Stetter, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at CSU. "We know the public is very interested in animals and their health. This animal hospital will provide a dynamic space for us to share veterinary medicine with the public. Guests can view, participate and learn in an active animal health complex."

The Vida building will also include equine therapy. The Temple Grandin Equine Center plans to open a second location on the Spur campus.

"CSU is bringing the healing power of horses, right to the heart of Denver," said Adam Daurio, director of administration and outreach for the Temple Grandin Equine Center. "The Temple Grandin Equine Center is so honored to bring an animal-assisted therapy program to the National Western Center and help make the CSU Spur Campus a place where individuals with special challenges can participate in a plethora of effective therapies and activities"

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