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John Fielder leaves legacy for all Coloradans to enjoy after 50 years of capturing beauty of Rocky Mountains

Gov. Jared Polis issues statement on death of John Fielder
Gov. Jared Polis issues statement on death of John Fielder 01:29

John Fielder spent over 50 years capturing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. From majestic mountains to cold, crisp winters Fielder says this life was always a dream of his.

"My goal when I turned in my department store job and choose a new career as nature photographer in 1981 was to see the world and see the West." Fielder told CBS News Colorado in an interview last month.

Fielder says he made the decision to photograph one state, he chose Colorado.

"I had no idea I would photograph the whole thing, all 124,000 square miles but I was able to pull that off too." said Fielder.   


For so many, the thing that makes Fielders' art so special, is the feeling his photographs left people with. However, Fielder wanted his art to leave an even greater impact.

"I hope the photos can be used productively, scientifically and effectively to save lives as we combat global warming," he said. 

A mission, now in the hands of History Colorado where Fielder donated thousands of his photographs.

CEO of History Colorado discusses death of John Fielder 00:58

"They truly document the awesome beauty that is Colorado in ways that no one else has seemed to master," said History Colorado CEO Dawn DiPrince.

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"We really wanted John to be able to be a part of this whole experience before he passed," said Diprince        

Now when you visit History Colorado, you can see some of Fielder's work in an exhibit called "REVEALED: John Fielder's Favorite Place."


"There is just breathtaking beauty in John's photos but there's even more moral beauty in the fact that he's given these photos to all of us," said DiPrince

A gift showcasing Colorado's natural beauty -- captured in a way only John Fielder could. A life well spent in the place he treasured most. 

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