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Highlands Ranch home hit by car for second time: "What are the odds that something like that could happen twice"

Truck crashes into home on Fairview Parkway in Highlands Ranch
Truck crashes into home on Fairview Parkway in Highlands Ranch 02:38

They say lightning never strikes twice. But for one Highlands Ranch home, it did, in the form of a car crashing into the house twice in four years.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, just after 5 a.m. Wednesday morning, a Chevy Silverado traveling eastbound on Grace Boulevard crossed over Fairview Parkway, drove across a landscaped area, and hit the side of a house.

"If you see that big hole in my wall, I was actually sleeping directly above that," said Cassie Mosier, who lives in the home.  


It wasn't the awakening she was hoping for.

"The sound was pretty terrifyingly loud, it kinda sounded like it might be a tornado," said Mosier.             

It's not an odd assumption given this Highlands Ranch neighborhood was hit by a tornado in June of this year.

Mosier has only lived in the home for a month. But for her partner, the incident was deja vu.

"As soon as he heard that sound he pretty much knew exactly what was going on," said Mosier. 

In 2019 a driver had a medical emergency and crashed into the garage of the home. Wednesday morning it was the home's living room.


"You could see like the front of the car right here," said Mosier, gesturing to the massive hole in the middle of her home.

This time, the driver said he fell asleep at the wheel.

"We could hear them from the second floor being like, 'oh my God oh my God, I'm so sorry,'" said Mosier.

The driver suffered minor injuries, but a female passenger is hospitalized with serious injuries.

"Accidents happen and if he did truly fall asleep at the wheel, we're all human, we all make mistakes," said Mosier.

Now Mosier is praying for their recovery, and scratching her head.


"What are the odds that something like that could happen twice," said Mosier.

After the 2019 incident, neighbors have been calling for changes to be made at the intersection. A stoplight was recently installed, but the accident still happened. 

"The chances are something could happen there so we need to look at putting some barrier there to protect that community," said Douglas County Sheriff Darren Weekly.

Now the sheriff says it's two times too many, and those changes are finally coming.

Douglas County Traffic Engineering shared this statement with CBS News Colorado: 

"We recognize this is a public safety concern. Our traffic engineers are working with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office to gather and evaluate all facts, which will inform next steps."

The driver has been charged with careless driving resulting in bodily injury, but those charges could change as investigators learn more.

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