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Casa Bonita website overloaded after restaurant announces waitlist

Take an exclusive inside look of Casa Bonita ahead of grand opening
Take an exclusive inside look of Casa Bonita ahead of grand opening 02:07

No, we still don't know when Casa Bonita will hold their grand reopening, but you can now jump on their waiting list at their website (granted, the site has been crashed part of the day, figures as much.) The Colorado restaurant said in a tweet Friday afternoon "While beta-testing Casa Bonita, we will be opening with limited dinner hours. Our first guests will be pulled EXCLUSIVELY from our email list. No walk-ins."

An image showing what happened to some users who tried to sign up for Casa Bonita's email list on Friday afternoon. CBS

If you wanted a little taste of what's to come, CBS Colorado's Spencer Wilson got a behind-the-scenes look at the newly renovated pink castle on Friday. There were two spots where cameras could film; the cliff divers and a window where they brought out sopapillas to sample.


Here's are Spencer's reflections on what he saw at those spots:

•The pool area did not change, but the inside of the pool did! There used to be little steps and ledges under the water only 4 feet something the divers used to have to watch out for. Now it's all one deep pool, which allows for more divers going at the same time (Which is awesome, we watched a diving pair take off while holding on to each other like a piggyback ride.)

•Sopapillas are nice and fluffy, and the sopapilla flags are still intact!

Here's what he Spencer can remember on the "no-video-or-photos-allowed" portion of the tour:

•There's still room for lines to the food and cashiers, but now instead of two places to pay, there's 8 "ticket windows" which could really speed things up.

•The entire building went from 5,200 square feet to 5,600 square feet, most of it is just what you remember, but that extra footage is coming from the room with the ticket windows.

•"No more food slot!" there's windows now so you can peak at your food being made, and a similar style to other Mexican restaurants where you watch your food being prepared from behind the glass window.

•There's a complete kitchen re-design, including digging out 2 feet of the floor to make more room for the state of the art design, molded to the personal prefrence of the new head chef.

•Casa Bonita is now ADA compliant! Access for wheelchairs was pointed out on the second level.

•Railings have been redone in the same style but are now "brought up to code" that's good.

•Food! The menu is expected to be the same items, but completely different in taste (which...we can agree will be a good thing.)

Casa Bonita is still holding on to that official reopening date, but if this got your mouth watering or even just your fond memories of times gone past, be sure to check out their mailing list (which apparently is the only way to get in once they open...for now. No walk ins until the "beta opening" is finished.) 

UPDATE: Casa Bonita to start welcoming the public on June 23 through timed-entry tickets

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