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Sports Bar Reaches Deal To Broadcast Avalanche, Nuggets Road Games This Week

DENVER (CBS4) - Altitude Sports and the Colorado Avalanche announced an agreement with Brooklyn's At The Pepsi Center bar on Monday to broadcast select games during the week while the regional sports network remains blacked out on major cable and satellite providers.

"It's when I became a hockey fan," said Josh Lopez, a fan at the bar. "I didn't know nothing about hockey."

Lopez says he started watching the team since their beginning in town and has struggled to enjoy their games so far this season. The team is off to a strong start and he has listened to the radio or turned to the internet and Facebook to keep up with their games.

Avs Altitude Fight 1
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"It's just, like, if you were inside the arena watching because it's so loud and with the fans," Lopez said inside Brooklyn's.

Both the Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets will provide select away games to the bar through the end of the week. This includes one preseason NBA game and three away games for the hockey team. These are games not available on a national network.

Avs Altitude Fight 2
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Staff with franchises say they were able to provide this opportunity to their fans because the bar sits on the same campus as the Pepsi Center. The connections needed to send the signal to the bar were already in place.

"I love it, I'm going to try and talk my wife into coming down here all the time, every game."

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The bar and building are owned independently but the teams' parent company, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, owns the land which the bar leases.

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Lopez says he will make the extra effort to watch the games on TV as long as they are available to fans. There has not been an announcement beyond this week about what will be available for future away games.

"For me, I can't drive, so it's even harder to find someone to come down here," he said. "I'm so tempted to ride my bike down here."

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