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Boulder Retirement Community Jams Out To Impromptu Guitar Performance

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - It wasn't the kind of gig Nick Dunbar was used to playing, but he's likely to continue singing and strumming his guitar in the courtyard at the Frasier Meadows Retirement community in Boulder in the weeks to come.

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"This is kind of a cool, old, hippy crowd and they love it," Dunbar said. "You just have a distraction and I think that's great. Most of these guys are really positive. I felt like the first time I did this it brought positivity to me because they've been through so many things, this is severe but it's also going to pass."

The weather was perfect for the occasion. About a dozen residents grabbed chairs or benches in the courtyard to hear Dunbar's acoustic guitar play a variety of original bluegrass songs.

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"We are confined; our cell block is locked," joked Walt Petersen from his patio that acted like a front-row-seat for the concert. "You know we're trying to get a little entertainment around here. It's sort of boring."

About 100 people have units that face the courtyard and many opened their windows to take in the show.

"It breaks up the day and it livens the crowd. I think it's a good thing to get people out," said Bill Knox, a resident at Frasier Meadows.

"It was an enjoyable afternoon in the sunshine and all. And we're really getting stir crazy being tied up inside. But I tell you, they've done everything they should do to keep us safe. And we're very appreciative of that."

Dunbar, who took the afternoon off from his jobs as a real estate agent and yoga instructor, said he's just hoping to spread kindness and joy during the pandemic.

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"I love that just seeing all the windows come open and seeing people come up to the windows and smile and wave. I think they have a moment of peace," he said.

His relationship started with Frasier Meadows a few years ago when he played in the auditorium with his band 300 Days. When the pandemic hit, he asked if he could come back and play, while staying outside the facility.

"It's the greatest gift I could ever give somebody. A performance like that is service. And right now we need people to serve where they can," Dunbar said.

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