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County Health Officials Ban Gatherings For 18-22 Year Olds In Boulder To Slow Spread Of COVID

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - New positive cases of COVID-19 are still steadily rising in Boulder, and have been for three weeks. There have been 1,391 positive COVID-19 cases recorded on the University of Colorado campus.

On Thursday, Boulder County Public Health issued a new Public Health Order ordering people between 18 and 22 to stop all gatherings in Boulder. It's aimed at the CU student body, and intended to lower the transmission rate of the COVID-19 virus. The order takes effect at 4 p.m. Thursday and is in effect for 14 days.

Per the order, anyone between the ages of 18 and 22 will not be allowed to participate in gatherings of any size, indoor or outdoor, on or off the University of Colorado campus, or with individuals of any age. Anyone living at any of the 36 addresses listed in the order must stay inside their residence at all times. Those residents have repeatedly engaged in activities that violate standing public health orders.

Those in that age group who live with other members of a household will not be barred from interacting with those members.

Outdoor exercise, study, and traveling to and from work is still allowed for those who do not live at any of the 36 listed residences.

"We understand that restricting gathering of young adults can have negative effects on their mental health," Jeff Zayach, Boulder County Public Health executive director, said in a prepared statement. "We urge family and friends to support the young adults in their life during this time by being available for them and helping them access mental health resources, if needed. The more diligently this Order is followed, the sooner we'll be able to lift it."

The order prohibits residents of the identified properties from:

  • Dining outside of the residence, whether at a business or at another residence.
  • Using any mode of public transportation or rideshare (e.g. bus, plane, taxi, train, Uber, Lyft, etc.).
  • Allowing anyone who does not live at the property to enter unless they are an essential visitor (e.g. service provider).
  • Leaving the property to move to another location, unless specific requirements are met.
  • Congregating in any common areas at the residence.
  • Participating in any form of outdoor activity exercise with another person.
  • Traveling further than walking distance of their residence when outdoors for exercise or work (with exceptions for financial hardship).

Those ordered to stay at home can only leave for medical care, obtaining necessary supplies through contactless means, and any outdoor activity that can be done alone and while respecting the 6-feet social distancing guidelines.

"With this firm restriction on gatherings, for all 18 to 22 year olds in Boulder, we felt we are focusing on the virtual events that we can create for students, and any other support that they may need while they experience college life in such an altered way," CU Chancellor Phil DiStefano said.


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