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Baby Giraffe Dobby Gets Extra TLC


DENVER (CBS4) - Denver Zoo staff is giving Dobby, their new baby giraffe, a little extra care.

Zoo staff is teaming up with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs to provide support for Dobby, who has had difficulty standing and nursing since he was born.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

"We remain optimistic that Dobby's health will improve. However, we are taking his condition seriously. We have also provided Dobby with antibiotics to treat infection in his system and are monitoring his blood daily," says Denver Zoo Associate Veterinarian Betsy Stringer.

Bloodwork on Wednesday showed Dobby wasn't able to receive enough infection-fighting proteins from his mother in his first day of nursing.

Thursday morning, staff gave Dobby a transfusion of plasma to restore his antibody levels to normal.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

"Because of the great training by our animal care staff, we have several giraffe that are now trained to voluntarily give blood donations," says Dr. Liza Dadone, VP of Mission and Programs. "Because of that, and with donated services from Hemo Solutions, a veterinary blood processing company here in Colorado Springs, we are already able to replenish our giraffe plasma bank, just in case of any emergencies with our herd."

Dobby and his mother, Kipele, will remain behind the scenes at the zoo until he gains strength, and the giraffe exhibit building will be closed during their first days together there to provide peace and quiet in his transition.

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