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Fill Out The 2020 Census And Colorado Gets More Money, Representation

By Jaimie Goldstein

DENVER (CBS4)- Even with all that is going on the in the world, we still have the 2020 Census this year. And it's the first time the census has been online and also by phone – in addition to paper form.

CBSN's Kelly Werthmann talked with Jerome Garza, regional manager with the Census Bureau about the importance of it. He says we get "two major things: money and representation."

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Based on the number of people who fill out the census, the federal government distributes billions of dollars to local areas. It's re-calibrated every 10 years. With all the people who have moved to Colorado in the past decade, the state could acquire more seats in the House of Representatives. And if you care about another elementary school, fire station or hospital in your neighborhood, Garza says then you should answer the census.

"The funds that come back to the local communities, help fund all those activities, and many, many more."

The official US Census form,  pictured o
The official US Census form (credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Even with all that Coloradans are dealing with like soaring unemployment rates in the midst of a health crisis, Garza says the census is simple enough for everyone to answer. There are some changes though. Originally the deadline was set for July. The Bureau has extended that to Oct. 31. Also, employees who go out into the field are provided masks and will avoid any direct contact with people.

Although there's been an extension because we are living in the middle of a pandemic, Garza enthusiastically urges Coloradans to complete the census as soon as possible. "You can do it!"

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The Census Bureau plans to send members of its team door-to-door in May to collect responses from people who have not already participated online, by phone, or in the mail.

LINK: 2020 Census | 844-330-2020


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