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Woman Who Abducted Son --Twice -- Found In Memphis

(CBS) -- A troubled Cook County mother was jailed in Memphis after allegedly kidnapping her small child for the second time, and Sheriff Tom Dart was left scratching his head.

"I mean I don't even know where to start with this," Dart said at a news conference Friday.  "This so clearly was missed on so many different levels."

It began when 32-year-old Taneil Curtis allegedly abducted her baby Nov. 7 during a state-supervised visit in South Holland. Dart says that abduction was never reported by the supervisor -- despite warrants being out for Curtis's arrest and a previous abduction of the same child.

Also, Curtis's parental rights for three other children had been terminated.

"How is it you are missing all of these things here?" Dart asked.

Curtis apparently fled to Memphis with her non-registered sex-offender boyfriend Kirk Alexander.

She and her baby were located Friday morning in Memphis hiding in a bush. Curtis was in custody there.  Alexander is in custody in Cook County.  The baby is now en route to Chicago with two investigators.

Dart wrote a letter to Governor Quinn calling on an audit and investigation into the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. He said in part, "Our investigation revealed systemic failures."

Dart credits numerous law enforcement agencies and his their dogged detective work with finding the 21-month-old.

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