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'Time Is Ticking': Families Relying On Stimulus Checks Struggling This Christmas

CHICAGO (CBS)-- With so many Americans relying on stimulus checks, it's making for an anxious Christmas for many families.

CBS 2's Marie Saavedra spoke to one mother who's following every update with the hope of providing for her two kids.

They have bills due now and if they're out of work they need that money now. But even if this COVID relief package goes through, there's still the question of long term help that they know will be needed.

CBS 2 first met Shakeria Cunningham this spring when she lost her job. Now it's the holidays and she may have COVID.

"It went from not having Christmas gifts for my kids to now I'm confined to my bedroom and my kids are in a different room," She said.

It's adding insult to injury in this year of struggle for Cunningham and her two kids. So she's spending the holiday glued to the news for some hope.

Cunningham and other families pinching pennies agree. The plan approved by Congress this week would give $600 per person to those who made less than $75,000 in 2019.

Those making above $100,000 would not get checks.

It's a plan President Trump did not like. He is asking Congress to increase the $600 to $2,000.

Cunningham is waiting to see if the president will sign the legislation as it stands and this wait is making her anxious.

"The more time it takes for them to come up with a decision, the worst off these families, including myself, are going to be. People are getting in debt as time is ticking," She said.

But it may be a while.

And that is more time that the Cunningham family Doesn't have to spare.

The clock is ticking for the president too. If he doesn't sign this relief package by January 3, it dies and further delays that financial help.

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