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Surveillance Video Shows B Fresh Store At 55th And Wenworth Looted, Cleaned Out

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Surveillance video shared with CBS 2 shows dozens of people looting inside the B Fresh clothing store at 55th and Wentworth on Sunday.

It was one of countless shops that were looted during citywide unrest over the weekend. Peaceful protests over the police involved killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis were overtaken by violent events of vandalism, shootings and looting.

In the video, dozens of people fill the store, and the owner said it was picked clean in just minutes.

Vi Nguyen's video of the aftermath today, shows just that. Everything on the store displays is gone.

The entire strip mall was it, including a Foot Locker and the Fitness Annex gym.

Fitness Annex owner Jamaal Burris was there when the looters struck. "I hear them basically strategically planning to break through the shutters," he said. He escaped out the back of the mall and heard gunshots. He feared for his life, worried he would never see his daugther again.

To the looters, he said, "This is your neighborhood. What is this helping? The community that you live in has to rebuild."

He said his new business was struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I am trying to get the strength to continue to stay in my community, but it's hard when you don't trust your own people," Burris said. "You're not here fighting for justice, you are looting for self gain."

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