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Store Owner Beats Back Robbers With Baseball Bat

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A shop owner in Logan Square was shot trying to defend his store, fighting off robbers with just a baseball bat.

The good news is that shop owner is in good condition, after as many as nine shots were directed at him.

CBS 2 spoke to the owner's son, who said his dad's always been a hero. This time, it's on tape, reports CBS 2's Brad Edwards.

He's the owner who brought a bat to a gun battle and won.

The store was closed Wednesday. The gifts and sports display cases were shattered, a bullet blistered the no public washroom sign--right where it says 'smile you're on camera.'

There wasn't a smile, but it was all on camera.

"They tried a robbery," said the brother-in-law Luis Ernesto Aucaquizhpe. "The guy says give me the money or you are dead."

The video starts when the perp holds a gun to the throat of the owner, showing he'd mean business by way of bullets.

"I try to hit with the bat and the other guy he started shooting," said Aucaquizhpe.

At this point, the man with the gun may have initially shot his accomplice, who'd soon after gimply wobble away.

Then it's bad guy with a gun and a shop owner with a bat. Unfair by any estimation. The owner would get a bullet in the leg.

All over? No. The suspect realizes he needs to be buzzed to be let out so it begins again. The bad guy gets hit by a bat, a stool and eventually a fire extinguisher.

"I'm a still kinda nervous," said Aucaquizhpe.

It's the day brothers in law beat, literally, the gun slinger.

The perp is still on the loose. The family believes a guardian angel was in the mix too.


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