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Ravenswood Boy Makes Sign After Thief Stole His Bike

CHICAGO (CBS) – A Ravenswood family has posted a sign on the fence in front of their home, after being targeted by a bicycle thief a couple of weeks ago.

The Ballor family had two bikes stolen two weeks ago. The bikes were out of clear sight and taken from a fenced-in yard, WBBM's Steve Miller reports.


"We think they had to come in at night and grab them," Ballor said. "It would've taken them just 30 seconds."

Jim Ballor said one of the bikes belong to the 7-year-old son of his fiancée. The other bike belonged to the nanny.

The 7-year-old son decided to make a sign, in the hopes of good human nature.

The sign read 'Please bring our bikes back' in the printing of a child.

"He and his 3-year-old brother made the signs," Ballor said.

7-year old and 3-year old Ravenswood children post sign after thief stole their bikes. (Credit: Jim Ballor)

Making the sign and posting it on the front fence was the idea of the 7-year-old with help from his mother.

"Just because there are a few bad people here and there," Ballor said. "There are always more good people that might be willing to help."

Ballor said they'll be checking pawn shops, but realistically think they'll have to buy new bikes.

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