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Chicago Police Shoot Man In Lawndale Neighborhood

CHICAGO (CBS)—Two Chicago police officers were on patrol Saturday night when they saw a man drinking in a vacant lot.

The man took off running, and police chased him into an alley, where the man fired at least one shot at the police officers.

The officers shot back.

A Facebook Live video taken in the Lawndale neighborhood shows the commotion near Fillmore and Whipple after the shooting.

The man who was shot is in his 40's and was hospitalized in critical condition.

Lawrence Hill saw the shooting.

"He kept running and they kept chasing," Hill said. "And next thing we heard was five or six shots and he was laying on the ground."

The officers were taken to the hospital to be treated for anxiety after the shooting, police said.

Since Friday, more than two dozen shootings have been reported in the city.


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