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Police Chiefs Meet At McCormick Place As Protesters Call For More Accountability

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The eyes and ears of the world continue to focus on gun violence here in Chicago.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police are here in town, through Tuesday.

They began meeting Saturday and their discussions continue today. Their aim to find ways to cut down on gun violence, but some had a different agenda.

Hundreds of protesters started at Chicago Police Headquarters eventually marching to McCormick Place.
They shared allegations of abuse by officers and called for a better system to hold police accountable.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy defended his department's strategies, adding there's still work to be done, but officers are policing in a much smarter way.

Cops will call attention to the unacceptable levels of gun violence to both citizens and police.

They are calling on legislators and policy makers at all levels to close gaps in gun laws allowing people like felons and those with mental illness to carry firearms.

Chicago saw a big increase in fatal shootings last month, which was the deadliest September in more than a decade.

Compared to the first nine months of last year, murders were up 21 percent in September and the number of shooting victims was up 14 percent, but numbers aren't the only focus of Chicago police.

"It's about outcomes of reduced crime, not about producing numbers, not about making more arrests, not about making giving more tickets…it's about reducing crime," McCarthy said.

President Obama will talk with police chiefs in attendance. He's scheduled to speak at their meeting here Tuesday.

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