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Ozzie Guillen Lashes Out At Chicago Media

(WSCR) Ozzie Guillen may be gone as the manager of the White Sox, but the outspoken skipper still holds some Chicago-based grudges.

As Guillen prepares for his return to Chicago on Tuesday for the Cubs-Marlins series, he's taking a few shots at the Chicago media.

''I was in Chicago last week for the All-Star break, and I heard the (bleep) that people are talking,'' Guillen told the Sun-Times' Joe Cowley. ''I hear the backstabbing comments. I said when I took the job with Miami that if (the Sox) played like they were capable of, Robin will be manager of the year. They didn't play well for me, and I take that blame.

''But the media is all of a sudden angry with me? I answered every question I was ever asked. They don't have the balls to say (bleep) when I was there. Tell the people in Chicago to look up and see who I blamed when we lost. I'm not a chicken (bleep), like the media there.''

Guillen also said he hasn't forgotten what people have written about him, and he'll remember that when he meets with the media Tuesday.

''Write your (bleep),'' Guillen said. ''I remember the cheap shots and the names. (When) I see people around me (Tuesday), it will be a pretty quick conversation.

''See everyone Tuesday. I'm not hiding. Like I've said, I'm the real Chicago tough.''

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