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North Suburban Dominick's Store To Stay Open Another Month

BANNOCKBURN, Ill. (CBS) -- After hearing for weeks that all Dominick's stores would shut down or be sold, there is a mystery at one location.

The Dominick's in north suburban Bannockburn will be staying open for about a month. The emptied shelves are now restocked with food for sale at full price.

CBS 2's Derrick Blakley went shopping for answers.

Just days before most are shutting down, the Bannockburn Dominick's got a last minute reprieve.

"I just heard that," said Dominick's shopper Sarah Grundlach. "We're excited 'cause we live right down the street and its super convenient and I think its great news."

Bannockburn village officials confirm the store remains open until at least January 25.

"I'm glad to hear that at least for the employees involved," said Dominick's shopper Vince Sparrow.

It's a striking contrast. Most Dominick's were practically picked clean after shoppers flocked to 50 percent off clearance sales, but in Bannockburn, the sign out front declares, this store no longer selling items at discount. The shelves have been re-stocked, from the produce aisle to the deli counter.

Tammy Madison is still worried about what happens after January 25.

"I'm wondering what's going to come into this area," said Madison.

Bannockburn officials are wondering that as well. There is speculation that Sunset Foods, an independent north shore grocer, might take over the space. But from Sunset officials today, no comment.

Without a buyer, the pain is only delayed.

"These workers, they become part of your family. It's just sad. Very sad to see this happening," said Angel Levin.

Mariano's bought 11 of the Dominick's sites, Jewel another four, leaving 57 stores, including the one in Bannockburn, with their ultimate fate still undecided. Most will close December 28th.

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