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More Snow Keeping Plows, Tow Trucks Busy

(CBS) -- Another round of snow is keeping the plows in the Chicago area busy.

On Tuesday, many side streets were still getting their first plow after Sunday's blizzard buried streets in 19 inches of snow and another 1-2 inches coming in the evening.

The city of Chicago says it is deploying 240 snow removal trucks overnight to clear streets. Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charles Williams says at 5 a.m. that number will increase to 650.

"What we are seeing is we plow a residential street and the residents end up throwing snow back into the street when they dig out their cars or when they are shoveling their walks so what we are going to do is we is begin the process of taking that snow out because it gives the impression that we haven't been down the street and the reality is we have."

Williams says the mounds of snow also present a traffic hazard, blocking motorists' vision. Crews will work 12 hours on, 12 hours off until every street is clear.


CBS 2's Mike Parker reports the side streets in Ashburn are some of the most snow clogged in the city. Residents say there are two kinds of drivers: those who've been stuck in the snow and those who will be. Neighbors have been pitching in to help each other out.

"I feel sorry for people that have to get out or if they ever had to have emergency vehicles that had to get in, they could get stuck like everyone else," said Mickey Barasch.

"This is ridiculous," said Frank Barasch, "We called the ward office this afternoon, they'll refer it to Streets and San."

IDOT dispatched its 350 Chicago area plows at 2 p.m. to the expressways and other state routes. IDOT's Carson Quinn says the plows are slow at best.

"We encourage all motorists to take it slow and keep your distance between you and the next vehicle and don't crowd the plows. Keep a good distance between you and the plows and be wary of where they are because they are much bigger than you are and they need to do their job," Quinn said.

Quinn says they have plenty of road salt to deal with the snow and ice.

CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports Tuesday night's snowfall contributed to a daylong trend of icy roads and scary spinouts.
In Porter County, Joe Wagner of Joe's Towing Inc. has been busy cleaning up the county's wipeouts.

"It's been really nuts," he said.

At one spot Tuesday, a pickup truck merged in this semi, which launched it over an embankment onto the other side of 94, rolled several times and the 34-year-old driver is okay and expected to recover. He was wearing his seatbelt and an Indiana State Police sergeant said that's why he survived.

"Your first thought is who is going to be buried tomorrow, it looked that bad this morning when my guys went out there," said Wagner.


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