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McMichael Not Happy About New Payton Book

(CBS) Add Steve 'Mongo' McMichael to the list of people who aren't exactly thrilled with author Jeff Pearlman's new book detailing the not-so-glamorous details of Walter Payton's life.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, McMichael reffered to the work of Pearlman as "Sensational journalism...yellow journalism. Half-crocked stories. Sounds like the National Enquirer, doesn't it?"

McMichael's attack on Pearlman didn't stop there.

"It's like (pro) wrestling fans," McMichael explained. "I made big money because they thought: 'Is that real?' No, the National Enquirer is not real and neither is this book. Whoever wrote this thing ... and I don't even know who this guy is. I've been around Walter his whole life. Never met this guy (Pearlman). So who is this guy? He interviewed 700 people? You know, interviewing Matt Suhey and Roland Harper- the guys who were closest to him (would have been better). What they had to say about what he did or what they saw ... there's the truth. Not a bunch of disgruntled employees or whoever he interviewed who wanted to throw some dirt on Walter...and the guy isn't even alive to defend himself. Well, I can."

McMichael To Visit White House

On Friday, McMichael is joining a group of his fellow Bears teammates from the 1985 Superbowl team to visit the White House in honor of the 25 year anniversary of their championship.

"Finally the little small town boy from Freer, Texas is going to get honored at the White House," McMichael said. "You know, that's eternal. That's unbound, isn't it? Since George Washington moved into that thing ... and I am going to get to go there and be honored at the White House. That's surreal to me."

 The original trip in 1986 was canceled due to the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy.

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