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Grandmother Accused Of Locking Granddaughter In Dog Crate

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A grandmother and her companion are accused of keeping the woman's 9-year-old granddaughter locked in a dog crate, prompting a child abuse investigation in Racine County.

The Racine County Sheriff says a teacher asked the 9-year-old about her hair. The girl said she cut it herself, and her grandmother cut the rest as punishment. She also told the teacher she was kept in a cage at home.

Gale Lalonde, 46, and Dale Deavers, 48, are accused of causing mental harm to a child, among other charges.

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said, "I find some comfort in knowing that this 9-year-old and sibling are in a safe, warm environment, and a warm bed. The caregivers -- they're locked in a jail cell where they ought to be."

During the investigation, Schmaling says police found a marijuana grow operation behind a false wall in the basement where the crate was kept.

The grandmother, according to CBS 58, said she was locking the girl in the cage for her own safety. She said her granddaughter hurts animals, threatens to kill people and eats cleaning supplies.

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