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Gas Station Adds Online Order Option On GrubHub To Boost Revenue, Keep Employees

CHICAGO (CBS)-- With major job losses, local businesses are innovating to stay alive and keep people employed. Specifically, a gas station on GrubHub.

Gas stations are one the many businesses really struggling right now as there are fewer people driving. Some local owners have dropped gas prices by 60% or more because of the low demand.

The BP gas station on Lawrence right off the Kennedy in Jefferson Park has switched up how they do business. You can now order snacks, paper goods, meds, and anything you could buy at the store, now online.

With this new order online option, the gas station can now go the next 30 to 40 days without having to reduce payroll. That's because they've seen a five-fold increase in product turnover since the COVID-19 outbreak; meaning some products are actually selling five times faster.

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