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Former President George H.W. Bush Funeral Locomotive Stops In Melrose Park

Chicago (CBS) -- The locomotive that pulled former President George H.W. Bush's funeral train stopped in the Union Pacific train yard in Melrose Park Sunday.

President George H.W. Bush Funeral Train
(Credit: Todd Skogen)

Todd Skogen, a former Union Pacific electrician, saw the vehicle firsthand and shared his photos with CBS 2.

According to Union Pacific's website, the George Bush 4141 is traveling to some Union Pacific facilities to give employees a chance to see it. A statement on the company's website says:

"It was our honor and privilege to participate in President Bush's final journey, and to provide an opportunity for Americans to participate in that experience. While there may be future public displays, none are planned at this time out of respect for the late president and his family."

President George H.W. Bush Funeral Train
(Credit: Todd Skogen)
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