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Dogs Rescued From Glencoe Home Back In May Now Up For Adoption

(CBS) -- Some of the 35 dogs rescued by workers in hazmat suits in May from a dilapidated house in north suburban Glencoe are finally ready for new homes. A number were offered for adoption at a fair Saturday in Winnetka.

Some of the dogs were playful. Some were shy. A number had infections that resulted in the loss of the tips of their ears and tails. But all have come a long way from the condition in which they were found. One lost an eye, another lost a leg. But the founder of the Tails of Hope Shelter, Kelly Moyer, says all have love to give.

"They're all beautiful," Moyer said.


Some are still being held back because they require additional medical care or socialization.

Many are cocker spaniel-Lhasa apso mixes, but they are in all shapes and sizes. The eight still being held back could be ready for adoption through Tails of Hope in the next month.

The dogs are among 40 that were found in a house on Greenwood Avenue, in Glencoe, following a request by a neighbor for a well-being check. Five had to be euthanized because of their condition, Moyer said, and most had to be shaved completely because of matting caused by the filth in which they were found.

The rescue was the fourth major rescue in a month for Highland Park's Tails of Hope. Moyer says the Glencoe rescue alone has resulted in $35,000 in medical bills; the shelter is still accepting donations.

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