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Dexter Reed was shot 13 times in deadly Chicago police shootout

Dexter Reed's family sues city over fatal Chicago police shooting
Dexter Reed's family sues city over fatal Chicago police shooting 01:05

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Dexter Reed was shot 13 times in a fatal shootout with Chicago police tactical unit officers last month during a traffic stop in Humboldt Park, according to an autopsy report.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, which is investigating the shooting, has said four officers fired a total of 96 shots at Reed after he shot a fifth officer in the wrist on March 21. COPA has said Reed fired first.

An autopsy report from the Cook County Medical Examiner's office revealed Reed, 26, suffered a total of 13 gunshot wounds - two to the chest, one to the left shoulder, one to the back, two to the right thigh, four to the buttocks, one to the left knee, and two to the right leg.

Reed also had THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, in his system at the time of his death, which the medical examiner's office has ruled a homicide.

His family filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday against the city and the five officers involved in the shootout, accusing police of using "brutally violent, militarized policing tactics."

The lawsuit filed by Reed's mother accuses the officers of violating Chicago Police Department policy during the traffic stop, by failing to use any de-escalation tactics, and pointing their weapons at Reed. The lawsuit also claims the traffic stop itself was improper, arguing officers had no reasonable suspicion that Dexter violated any law, and they falsely stated otherwise in official CPD reports."

COPA chief administrator Andrea Kersten has said officers stopped Reed for "purportedly not wearing a seatbelt." But a letter issued 11 days after the incident indicated that the oversight agency doubted a seatbelt violation was really the reason.

According to the Reed family's lawsuit, the officers sideswiped Reed's vehicle with an unmarked police car, got out brandishing weapons and wearing civilian clothing, and escalated the situation by pointing guns at him, "exponentially increasing the risk of death for everyone."

On April 8, COPA released video footage from the shooting, showing officers ordering Reed to roll down his window after he was stopped, and asking him "what are you doing?"

Reed first rolled down his window, then started rolling it up, prompting officers to tell him not to roll up his window and to unlock his car doors.

COPA said Reed didn't follow officers' commands, and started shooting, wounding an officer standing on the passenger side of his vehicle. Four other officers then fired 96 shots in 41 seconds, killing Reed.

Reed's family attorneys have said officers kept firing even after Reed got out of his car unarmed with his hands up.

COPA has said Reed's gun was found in the front passenger seat of his vehicle.

Reed's family has called for the officers involved in the shootout to be fired and to face criminal charges. They also want Chicago Police Supt. Larry Snelling fired, and for CPD to disband tactical units like the one the officers are assigned to.

The officers involved in the shootout were placed on 30 days' administrative leave immediately after the shooting. Kersten has said they should be stripped of their police powers until the investigation is complete, but Snelling has said he is not yet prepared to do that. Snelling has noted that when COPA released the video of the shooting, the officers had yet to be interviewed about the incident.

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