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Worried About Your Child's Safety Online? Watch This.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Do you know how to keep your kids safe online? FBI cybersecurity experts joined CBS2 today to share advice on protecting and monitoring kids online. Check out the links to below to learn more about checking social media sites like Yik Yak and Kik, warding off online predators, and talking with kids about responsible digital citizenship.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Posting Online

With the Internet so easily accessible,kids can post content anytime, anywhere. Here FBI special agents share cyber safety tips for parents.

What Parents Should Know About Online Predators

Whether on their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, kids are always connected to the internet. FBI special agents share advice on keeping kids safe from online predators.

How To Protect And Monitor Your Kids' Online Activity

The days of landlines are long gone. Now kids have their own smartphones and easy access to the Internet. FBI representatives have tips for monitoring your child's online activity.

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

A new school year is gearing up, and if your kids spent a lot of time outside, they'll now be spending a lot more time indoors, using electronics. FBI special agent Jonathan Williamson and staff operation specialist Claire Moravec have advice on how to keep your kids safe online.

Want to learn more about helping kids stay safe online? Check out our Facebook chat with the FBI.

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