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Bucktown Residents Pay For Private Security Patrols To Combat Rampant Crime In The Area

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Neighborhood watch, ring cameras and lobbying CPD.

Those things haven't done the trick in Bucktown. So, residents there are opening their wallets. Starting soon, one source telling CBS 2 that as early as Wednesday night, a new security cruiser is hitting the streets. CBS 2's Chris Tye has the story.

Time and again, ring cameras are putting the crisis into high-def focus. CPD offered alert after community alert on armed robberies and vehicular hijackings in Bucktown. Despite begging for beefed up police patrols, Bucktown's gotten nothing, they said.

"I could certainly see why a residential group feels they have to take action now," said Pamela Maass from the Bucktown Chamber of Commerce.

How did they get beefed up patrols on Chicago's northwest side? Instead of opening their mouths to complain, they're opening their wallets.

Downers Grove-based security company P4 will patrol alongside Chicago police cruisers as this rolls out. Sources helping fund the effort tell CBS 2 news the patrol will run 10 to 12 hours daily.

When you add in Insurance, the marked car and operational costs, it's an annual $390,000 in services. Paid out of pocket by private Bucktown donors.

"We have all been pushing and we haven't receiving the results we are looking for. So I can understand why they would turn to this particular strategy," Maass said.

The head of the Bucktown Chamber of Commerce said they're continuing to collect signatures for additional police patrols.

In a statement to CBS 2: P4 said "only off-duty police officers are employed by P4 and will be handling patrols. Off-duty officers will be present to observe and report. They do not have arrest powers and if a crime is witnessed, they are directed to call 911 immediately."

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot was asked about the effort and while the company said it will work in tandem with CPD, the mayor had a different view.

"I certainly recognize and respect the desire of some of these businesses to have security. That's really happening all across the country, in light of what cities like Chicago have been experiencing. But patrolling our streets is the sole province of the Chicago Police Department," Lightfoot said.

CBS 2 reached out and haven't heard back from CPD on the neighborhood effort. Sources said the first nights of patrol will be helmed by a recent 20-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department.

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