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Brizard 'Applauds' Emanuel School Decision For Kids

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The new head of the Chicago Public School system is commenting today on Mayor Emanuel's decision to send his children to a private school instead of the public school system for which Emanuel is responsible.

Chicago Schools CEO Jean Claude Brizard says that even though he intends to send his 19-month-old son to public schools when it's time, Mayor Emanuel has every right to choose private educations for his son and daughter.

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"I applaud the mayor for making that decision," Brizard said. "It's really his decision and I don't think anyone should question what he's doing for his family and every parent should have that choice."

Meanwhile, Brizard says he plans to review a personality test given to all potential CPS teachers after a report found a third of applicants scored too low.

The personality test is called TeacherFit, and one principal says it kept her from hiring a dream candidate for a teaching job.

Brizard says that's not how the system should be using TeacherFit, which he says should only be a tool to help guide principals in making hiring decisions

"Principals really have to have the final say," he said. "A good principal will let a teacher demonstrate to teach a lesson. What you look for is potential. While the tool may be valid, it has to inform the work of principal not be a screening or blocking process or wall for teachers ... to get over."

Brizard is the guest on WBBM's At Issue program Sunday morning and evening at 9:30.

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