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Bernstein: You Must Read The Grand Jury Report

By Dan Bernstein- Senior Columnist

(CBS) The Devil is in the details.

They hurt to read, I won't lie to you. You cannot un-know them or un-see them. You will stop multiple times in the 23 pages of the grand jury report, needing to avert your eyes or shudder.

But you have to do it. You have to read every word, every sickening description and every name involved in the institutionalized evil at Penn State. Your opinion about anything going on is invalid if you have not yet done so.

Here it is. Read it.

You are simply not allowed to say "I don't want to," or "I can't handle it." Jerry Sandusky's victims and their families endured – and continue to endure -- unspeakable horror.

The least you can do is be as informed as possible about the hideousness in Happy Valley. It will sear your soul, and it's your obligation to confront the truth at its most real and painful. Relying on watered-down characterization of the acts is a cop-out.

Here it is. Read it.

This is not a Sex Scandal, as TV graphics scream. This is not a college football scandal, to be compared and contrasted with point-shaving, cash to recruits or swag traded for tats. This is a deep, ongoing conspiracy to conceal and abet child abuse by a state-run university.

Read about the victim-farm Sandusky created in 1977 (!) under the veil of charity, cultivating vast fields of potential prey. See with your own eyes what he did and how he did it, then have a thought.

Do not dare to call a radio show, send an email, post on social media, or comment at the conclusion of this column until you have taken the time to read every word. Until you do, nothing you think or say matters one iota.

Here it is. Read it.

Familiarize yourself with the unimaginable cowardice of Mike McQueary. Know what Joe Paterno knew, and had to know. Learn about standard operating procedure at the school's highest levels, and the sway held by football. Inhumane crimes were occurring deep in the hills of Pennsylvania, and merciless men ensured that they would continue unchecked.

Most importantly, we must stop with comfortable euphemisms that ease the pain of confronting these brutal crimes. This is not "horseplay," or "inappropriate acts," or even "sodomy." It's worse. We have a solemn responsibility to expose these infections to sunlight, trying as hard as we can to understand as much as we can.

You will not think as you did before. You saw the idiot students chanting football cheers last night on Paterno's lawn, and have heard from the cult of apologists. You will want to kill all of them.

You will want Sandusky torn to shreds by animals behind bars.

Here it is. Read it.

You may feel as I do, wishing you actually believed in Hell.

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Dan Bernstein

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