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Alsip Police Caution Motorists About String Of Tire Thefts

(CBS) – Be careful if you live or travel to suburban Alsip. Thieves are swiping car tires right from under you.

Police say drivers park their cars only to come out and find their vehicles sitting on blocks.

It can happen in five minutes or less. Your car's wheels and tires ripped off.

Police sent out a newsletter warning residents that they've had several reports of car tires stolen in recent weeks.

The cars were vandalized in places like apartment complexes and business parking lots. It's disturbing for Alsip driver Tim Ewers, who knows a victim in a neighboring town.

"It is crazy," he says.  "The two front tires were taken off probably within a matter of minutes."

Stephen Garrett owns Hub Cap City in nearby Riverdale. He says wheel locks and spare tire locks can make it more difficult for thieves to cash in on your car's tires.

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