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Ald. Lopez Speaks Out On Gang Violence, Regardless Of Threats

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Alderman Raymond Lopez is not backing away from comments that apparently provoked a street gang's threats against him.

Chicago Police started providing security for Raymond Lopez and his family after the 15th Ward Alderman remarked that he was glad that, in his words, "no innocent lives were lost" in a rash of shootings Sunday in the Brighton Park community.

Three people were killed, and the gang they reportedly belonged to, threatened Lopez.

He is not regretting the statement. WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports.

"The point remains that we have people who are willing to kill indiscriminately to maintain this culture of gang violence and retaliatory warfare in our communities," Lopez said. "Standing up against that is what brought this on. Not remaining silent is what brought this on."

He has often spoken out against gangs and gang violence.

"Nobody told those young people to become gang members, to create a gang memorial and to make themselves targets," Lopez said.

Police were trying to diffuse the situation.

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