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After The Tornado, The New Nemesis For Woodridge Residents Is A Deluge Of Rain

WOODRIDGE (CBS) -- A few days after a major tornado destroyed or damaged more than 150 homes, dozens of residents still need help and their situation is made more perilous by drenching rains in the forecast.

The Red Cross is preparing to welcome people to their rescue site at Thomas Jefferson middle school tomorrow, Steven Graves reports.

In the battle against drenching rains, some of these damaged homes need multiple tarps in an attempt to keep water from further damaging the interior areas exposed by the EF-2/EF-3 tornado's ferocity.

"This morning, it was pouring,"  Woodridge resident Kyle Piotrowski said.  "We've got water coming in through this bedroom and the bedroom behind us and water was coming in through the ceiling fan."

It is a true nightmare for a young couple who just bought the house and were supposed to move in soon. Now, they are racing to fixing the damage before more rain.

"So we're doing damage control as best we can, and the damage is significant," Piotrowski said.

On Friday, the Village of Woodridge reported more than 150 homes have major damage from Sunday night's tornado, and 29 homes are unlivable. Nearby Naperville is also still recovering.

The Red Cross plans to stay at Thomas Jefferson Junior High this weekend to provide a resource center for items like tarps and food. Several other agencies will also provide support.

And while the tarps and food are appreciated, some residents say they need more simple things.

"I recently found out I needed socks," a resident said.

The Red Cross site is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to noon. More hours may be added as needed.




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