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'13 White Sox Drove Hawk Harrelson Bonkers, But Now He Sees Hope

(CBS) White Sox TV announcer Hawk Harrelson is well-known for giving his honest (and often emotional and entertaining) opinions.

So it was no surprise that in an article posted Thursday on CSN Chicago, Harrelson expressed his dismay over the 2013 White Sox, who limped to a 63-99 finish.

"That was the worst performing team I have ever seen that I have been associated with as a player and as an announcer," Harrelson told CSN Chicago. "The fans saw the same thing that you and I saw every day," he said. "It was the worst season I ever experienced. It was just a nightmare. That's what it was — just a nightmare."

Harrelson didn't stop there, telling CSN Chicago, "Give me some guys who want to win a (bleeping) baseball game. I don't care what kind of athlete they are. I'm tired of saying, 'We've got the best athlete.' I'm tired of hearing that. I want some baseball players. Those are guys who want to go out and win a (bleeping) game, and they're willing to do what it takes to win a game."

The good news? Hawk sees light in the tunnel.

"What (second-year general manager) Rick Hahn has done has been just terrific," Harrelson told CSN Chicago. "Just absolutely terrific. He has turned the perception around coming off the worst year I have ever experienced in my 54 years in the game. You can never go wrong by going out and getting good, young players. That's what he's done."

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