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Woman Carjacked Outside Fall River Convenience Store

FALL RIVER (CBS) - Police in Fall River are looking for a man who carjacked a woman outside a convenience store, then refused to let her out as he sped through the streets.

The victim is a college student who spoke exclusively to WBZ.

Police say this man carjacked a woman in Fall River

"He told me you better shut up or I'll shoot you," she said.

She's so afraid she only wanted her shadow shown on television. She was pulled over in an 2004 Acura MDX SUV. Her sister was driving, but had run into a local convenience store and left the car running.

The victim says she was sitting in the passenger seat when a man approached, asked her for cigarettes and then jumped in the car and drove off, while she was still inside.

"I tried opening the door to jump out but that didn't work because he was speeding, so the most I could've done is scream my sister's name."

The carjacker blew through stop signs and red lights, speeding up when the victim tried to get out and motioning that he had a gun.

"I was terrified," she said. "I was thinking of the worst possible things ever. I was thinking what is he going to do with me? He's going to take me home. He's going to torture me. He's going to drop me off in the middle of nowhere."

Meanwhile her sister sat in the parking lot, frantic, asking the same questions. She repeatedly tried to call the victim's cell phone.

The ringing cell phone irritated the suspect she said and he warned her not to answer.

Finally a mile down the road, the carjacker slowed down in front of a KFC and told his captive to get out.

She ran to a police station. Now they are looking for the public's help to find the car and the man shown in the surveillance photo.

The vehicle is a 2004 gray Acura MDX. It has a key scratch all along the drivers' side. The suspect is described as a white male in his late 30's with a scruffy beard.

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